About Me

  • 30 Something
  • Gen X/Y
  • Father - Husband - Friend
  • Philosophical Zealot
  • ADD Hobbyist
  • Collector of accoutrements & sundries
  • Web jazzyfier applicationist
  • I also "Linux" as hard as I can!
  • Resume Site

Professional Qualifications

  • Problem solving: Use of Software Development Life Cycle to model and solve problems using systematic approaches
  • Project Management: Managed software development projects and engineering teams. Business development efforts including commercial and government proposal writing.
  • System Architect & Developer: PHP, ASP, JavaScript (jQuery, Ajax, Prototype), XML Web Services, HTML5, CSS3
  • Other Familiar Languages & Platforms: Ruby, Python, Visual Basic, VBA, VBA Excel, C++, LabVIEW, Perl, Pascal, Bash
  • COTS use & Customization: Drupal, Website Baker, Deltek GCS, IIS, Apache, MS Access, MySQL, Photoshop, GIMP, MS Project, MS Office, Minitab
  • System Administration: Linux (many flavors), LAMP stack optimization for high performance tuning, FreeBSD